Other Places Where You Can Enjoy Sex In Addition Of The Bedroom

Having sex in the bed is now becoming old and it can be outdated if you are found in the long term relationship with your escort. Sometime you may try keeping thing real and trying dirty talk and role playing when the escort visits. You may also switch the place where you get sex. To know more how you can enjoy more with the escort, click the link

Bathroom sink

This is the best place you can have sex and this is not about the shower. The shower may be great if you want to get sex, but it may dry you. You can try doggy style on the bathroom sink.

Before the full mirror

This is something hot, watching yourself and the man you love doing it within the mirror. It looks as if you are watching a sex tape or a steamy porno of yourself.

This is the place for you if you think that you wish to be somehow risky and you want to have sex in a public place. Having sex at the front door guarantees that at least there is a person who my hear you. This can feel too sexy.

At the staircase

The staircase is not only meant to walk on. You can set at the steps, and do your business there. However, you have to be careful so that you do not fall at the stairs. You can continue with your session at the floor.

At the soft or shag rug

The shag rug can be the softest thing you have in your home. You can use it to your own advantage. This is better compared to have the sex at a wooden, hard or cold floor.

At the bar

In case you are too fortunate and you have the bar at the home, you may then become kinky on that counter. The escort may keep the heels on to achieve the full effect.

If you want to be even more adventurous, you may even drink while on it.

At the living room chair

You can forget about the couch and turn to the chair

This is the best place you may have the intimate sex when you are face to face. If you need inspiration of what to do, then you can get the inspiration online.

In a car

Having the sex in your car, does not have to be sweaty or raunchy. You can park a car at a secluded place or in an open field so that you can reduce chances of being caught. This gives enough opportunity for romance. You can have blankets and roll down window or cuddle up back seat to enjoy with the escort.

In the canoe

The small boats are not too expensive to rent or to buy. In the canoe, you will have to stay together so that you will not tip over.

Into the woods

At the beginning, this may sound daunting, but being in the wilderness without having any distraction it can be sexy. Get the blanket or the tent and take the escort for a weekend off. You can get a relaxing place where you can enjoy your time.

In the office

In case you are lucky to get the office where you work alone, then this is the best place you can invite the escort to. It is the fantasy of each man to have to enjoy some button-down shirt and heels up session in the office. You will always find this too exciting.

Within the pool

The pool can be in your backyard but at the same time at the open. This the perfect place to enjoy with your escort. If you are too daring, then you can do it in the daylight where your adrenaline will be up with the possibility of being caught.