What do Guys find Sexually Attractive?

Sexual attraction can be fickle in nature and can vary from individual to individual according to their personal preferences. There are a number of common factors that can be seen as a general consensus with regard to what men find attractive in women. Increasing the level of sexual attraction that an individual is able to garner from potential suitors is something that almost every person would desire. Knowing the various factors that play a role in determining the level of sexual attractiveness that one is able to attain can go a long way in improving an individual’s love life. Such knowledge could also help one get that guy that they have had their eye on for a period of time, but have never been able to draw their attention. Though the fact that physical attributes play a role in how sexually attractive an individual is cannot be refuted, there are a number of other elements that can affect the result of the overall equation as well.

One might not be able to fully change their appearance in a bid to enhance their sexual attractiveness, but could focus on a number of other elements that play a role with regard to this measurement. This could include a number of factors from the manner in which an individual carries themselves, to the way that they dress when out in public. Changing these elements can be much easier than focusing on physical changes, and in most cases would not require as much money, time and/or effort as when dealing with physical issues.

Apart from physical beauty, some of the other things that a guy can find sexually attractive in a woman include:


The manner in which a woman carries themselves when interacting with other people can play a large role in how sexually attractive they are to others. Most men find women who are confident in themselves very attractive, and could find themselves gaining an interest in persons with this attribute. Confidence in this case refers to how an individual values themselves with regard to their overall worth as a person. A woman confident in her own abilities and traits is more attractive than one who is in constant need of approval from their better half in order to feel good about themselves. It should be noted that there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and it is highly important that one does not cross this boundary by trying too much. Confidence does not exude excess pride or narcissistic tendencies in its characteristics, and going too far could lead to the opposite of one’s desired results.

Fashion Sense

A woman with a great sense of fashion can be considered to be more sexually attractive as compared to a more beautiful counterpart draped in drab clothing. Fashion sense in this case does not fully depend on the current trend taking place in the fashion world at the time, but simply refers to clothing that brings out an individual’s best features.
Though being considered sexually attractive is a good thing for anyone, it should not be the main focus of a person’s ambition, and one should not resort to drastic measures in order to attain such approval.