Romantic Things to Say to a Girl The Most Heart-Warming Romantic Lines

Every guy wishes he had romantic things to say to a girl. You may think that romantic lines are hard to use or think of, but the truth is that the most heart-warming routines lines are so simple and effective that they will melt her heart. Your heartfelt comments will make her feel loved and make her feel great. Use this romantic lines on that special girl you love. We forget that sometimes the simplest things are the most romantic, like the feeling you get from holding her in your arms and how she makes you feel loved. When you tell her these thing youre making her feel appreciated and loved too. Here are some romantic thing to say that will melt her heart.

1f (5)1. I feel like I can be myself around you
This is a romantic and sometimes under-appreciated line you can say early on in a relationship. It tells her that you feel secure with her. When coupled with a physical intimacy, it makes her feel warm and comfortable

2. You look sexy.
Make sure that she knows how attracted you are to her. When she hears this from you, she will feel beautiful. You will make her day by telling her how irresistible she is to you.

3. I love it when you do that/wear that.
This is a big ego booster for her. Shell know that you notice the effort she puts into romance. This will make her feel love and appreciated. It says you look amazing or you know how to turn me on in just the right way.

4. I really missed you
The greatest reassurance we can ever get is from knowing that our presence is missed when we arent around. We all have people that we love but wouldnt want to see every day. This tells her that the two of you have a deeper kind of love, the love that makes you hunger for each other.

5. What would I do without you?
This tells her that you not only love her but she is also the one who holds you together. This heartwarming line will make her glow for you.

6. It feels so good to hold you
This simple but heartfelt comment contains so much more than what appears on the surface. Holding someone is the ultimate barometer for a relationship, how comfortable and enjoyable holding each other is the biggest indicator of how close the two of you are.

7. I hate that I love you so much
This more advanced line is both a tease and a heartfelt comment that admits to her that at the end of the date your heart is with her. Say this gently but firmly after the have had a disagreement, then take her in your arms to kiss and make up. She cant help but melt in your arms and bask in your love. When said with an admitting smile, it tells her that you cant help but love her
When you say these lines, remember to say them with feeling and conviction. Actions speak louder than words. Really feel the emotions behind your words and theyll shine through your entire body as you tell her. She wont be able to do anything but be warmed by your emotions coming through to her.