Point of View: Choosing to Have Breast Augmentation Surgery

Ever since I was a little girl, I always thought I would have big breasts. I am pretty sure I thought the boob fairy was going to appear one night while I lay dreaming on my satin sheets and wave her magic wand over my chest three times till poof!

Not sure exactly why I thought this was going to happen. Maybe it was because my Mom had a nice size chest, and so did all the other women in my life. Or maybe it was Joyce Johnson who in 4th grade was already wearing a size DD bra. But whatever the reasoning, I fully expected to be equally blessed in the bosom department.

As I blossomed into a lovely teenager, lots of changes happened to my body. None of them good, or fun, and no matter how long and loud I chanted I must, I must, I must improve my bust…. They simply stayed the same.



My best friend introduced me to the Victoria’s Secret padded push up bra in 1992 and I promptly dumped my paycheck on the counter and picked up one in every color.

I started dating my very first boyfriend at 19 years old, and as we started to get more serious he asked me if I had ever thought of breast augmentation?

Wow! There it all was right back at me. All my insecurities, and doubts about my looks and my chest and life. He didn’t let it drop, either — he would make subtle suggestions on how much better I would look in my lifeguard bathing suit, and how it would help me with my career in broadcasting. He would joke around while we were being intimate and pretend to be feeling around like he could not find my breasts. Nice, right? A 22 year old college student hardly has 5 grand for breast augmentation, so it did not happen, and neither did our relationship.

It was after college, I had found a really amazing guy, got a dog, moved to Florida and felt like I was in a really great place with my body image. I started to think about breast augmentation in a different way.

What if I did it for me? Not for a man, or for a job, or for any other reason, but because it would help me feel better about myself.

I started to do some research and I found a really great website with not only all the facts and information, but a support group with women who were looking to go through the surgery as well. I joined the group and became very active in asking questions. I booked three different consultations with doctors, and I went in with a list of all my questions. I even went as far as watching the surgery online. I wanted to have all the information and know exactly what I was going to put into my body.

IJa1BzYln1EAfter all of the research and so much soul searching, I booked my surgery for April 11th. I was still afraid, and worried. I made the decision not to tell my parents about my journey for new boobs. I knew exactly what they would say, “God made you perfect just the way you are.”

My surgery day came and went and recovery was not as bad as I had imagined. I had worked with my surgeon to make sure that the cup size I picked would fit my body. We decided that 330 cc’s, tear drop, under the muscle would be the route to go.

When we took off the bandages, it was love at first sight. I could not believe how much they fit me! I didn’t look like a Barbie Doll, or a hoochie. In fact no one who did not know me before could even tell that they were fake. I felt so much more confident, more like a woman. (Although the discussion with my parents went just as I imagined it would.)


Having breast augmentation is a very personal decision, and of course is not for everybody. But for me, having the Boob Fairy waving her wand over me was my choice, and 14 years later I am still happy with her magic.