How To Kiss A Girl On The Neck

Neck kissing is an absolutely different experience in your dating life compared with mouth kissing because the signal given to the girl or the relationship between the man and the girl must have been very close. And the man normally wants to show his intimacy to the girl and attract the girl into the course of love making, especially when the man kisses the girl at the spot between shoulder and collarbone, the most sensitive part on neck, and kissing on this part will stimulate the girl’s intimate demands. Here are some tips instructing you how to perform the neck kissing.

Neck kissing normally starts from kissing on the lips. When two lovers show their emotion and passion to each other, they start kissing on the lips and then develop further to twist tongues with each other. If the man wants to express his intimacy, he places his hands around the girl’s face and starts to kiss from her mouth down to her chin, in the meantime, the man moves his one hand from the girl’s face down to the girl’s neck, the kissing becomes more aggressive and most of the time, it makes the girl lose sensual control. The man starts to use his tip of tongue to kiss the girl’s neck from the right side to the back of her neck. The man’s the other hand might move to the girl’s very sensitive parts, for example, hip or breasts.

4778682628862At this stage, the man moves his body even closer to the girl and the girl can feel two hearts beating, the girl will tilt her head backward, if she really enjoys you kissing her neck and she might sigh with her enjoyment. Two parts are in a heightened state and could lead to the course of love making. Keep in mind, when you start kissing a girl’s neck, you should always make your tongue wet. A dry tongue licking on her neck will make the girl feel uncomfortable. As we know, the neck doesn’t have as many sensitive spots as the tongue does therefore performing a good kiss on the neck is essential to expressing your affection and love to the girl. At least the man must be absolutely sure that the girl really wants to develop their relationship further, otherwise the action of neck kissing might scare the girl away and think you are too sexually demanding.

Moreover, before you kiss the girl neck, you need to know if the girl has no other sensitive problems with the kissing on the neck. For some people, for some parts of the body, they are not willing to be touched. Normally once you show the signal of neck kissing, the girl’s body language will tell you if she accepts it or not.

The last but not least, neck kissing must be gentle and tender. When you perform this action, in order to stimulate the girl’s affection, you can whisper in her ear and your sweet words will also help both of you get into this intimate and passionate situation. You can also lick the girl’s earlobe or slightly and gently blow air onto her neck. Those actions plus some sweet words will get the girl into an intoxicating mood. Believe or not, 99% of girls love sweet words before entering the course of love making. And those words will create a very romantic atmosphere, and make the girl demand you more. Dating is an art, and kissing on the neck is part of dating and therefore, part of the art. Once you perform it well, the girl will never leave you behind.