The truth about anal sex

Anal sex is one topic most people avoid to talk about when it comes to matters sex. Is it right to engage in anal sex? Well, I am not going to decide for you if it is right or wrong but will tell you the truth about anal sex so that you decide on your won. Anal sex can be pleasurable and bring intense sensation. However, one must use a lot of lubrication to prevent the pain associated with anal sex. Most people are cautious at other lubricants apart from water and soap getting into their anal areas. Here is the whole truth about anal sex:

1) How does anal sex work?

Anal sex is penetrative but unlike vaginal sex, it must be done slowly with lots of lubrication. The anus lacks any natural lubrication making it feel painful when done without any lubrication. If doing it for the first time, make your partner relax. This helps relax the muscles around the anus. Start by stroking the anus and slipping in a finger to see how your partner reacts to it. You can then apply lubrication before putting your penis head inside. Move very slowly to avoid hurting your partner. Anal time requires time, and your partner will slowly get used to it with time. The more lube applied, the more you will enjoy anal sex.

2) Is anal sex dirty?

Anal sex can be dirty is done improperly. It is always advised to ask your partner to visit the toilet if need be and to wash the area around the anus. The area around the anus better known as the enemas can sometimes irritate the bowel of the anus. The rectum which is the tube inside your anus is the temporary storage of stool. Once you have been for a poo, the rectum remains empty for hours making it the right time to have anal sex. Avoid having anal sex when your partner has diarrhea, intestinal diseases or constipation. It is always good to start with a shower if worried about dirty.

3) What makes anal sex feel so good?

Anal sex for men feels good because the prostate gland which is very sensitive gets a lot of attention. When the prostate gland is stimulated, a man’s orgasm can be amazing. Another good reason that makes anal sex very good is the fact that the anus is much tighter than the vagina. This makes penetrative sex quite good for men. For women, the area around the anus has several nerve endings that make the area quite sensitive to touch. Stimulating the area feels quite pleasurable for women.

4) Anal sex and STDs

There are higher chances of getting STDs when engaging in anal sex than in vaginal sex. The area around the anus lacks a natural lubricant, and there are high chances of the skin breaking at acting as the entry point for viruses and bacteria. Always ensure to use protective measures like a condom when engaging in anal sex.

5) Anal sex does not mean you are gay

Men who enjoy anal sex might consider themselves gay but that is not the case. Most men question their sexual orientation when they enjoy anal sex more, but anal sex is not just for gay people. Anybody can engage in anal sex.