How to talk to Las Vegas strippers

Ever being to a Las Vegas strip club? The experience is always good for men looking to have some good time, but you need to be at your best on how you speak to these women. A piece of advice: go with the right mindset, know that you are more interesting and 100 percent confident that most men in the club. Remember you are not the first man to ever talk to the stripper woman and you will not be last of your kind she will see. These are women who have held hundreds if not thousands of conversations with predictable lame men, and you obviously don’t want to be one of these men. You will be surprised how most of the strippers will react to your confident.

women-dress-code2-400x300Enter the club with confidence walking around with your head held high up. Act like you are totally familiar with the environment and never mill or lurk around as if you don’t know what to do next. Find a good sea and settle. My advice; sit near the speaker. Well, I will tell you the importance of sitting near the speaker in a minute. Always avoid sitting on the pervert; that is the front seats.

Most strippers will approach you without calling them. Don’t just allow them to sit on your lap just because they are strippers; make her sit beside you as you try to know a little bit of her. Act a little bit cocky letting her know you are not playing her game but your game. Don’t be the man who immediately agrees to dance just because she asked. Remember you are the boss and pretend like you didn’t hear her. Your next move would be to isolate her to a more quiet place. The seat near the speaker is to give you ample time to choose the stripper you want. Once you are sure this is the woman you want, ask her name. I am pretty sure she will tell you her stage dance name. Be a little cocky and say something like, “ I am Hercules too and dance in the next club down the street.”

Remember strippers are just like salesmen and have some canned script that they use on every client. Your aim is to play out of the script and let her follow your script. Your aim should be to control the conversations and be the one asking the questions instead of answering. Once she is unable to use her script, she is left to be real with you. Now this is the moment where you ask to move to a quieter seat away from the speaker. You get my point of sitting to the speaker now. This will show her that you value her making it feel like a mini date. Leading a woman to a more quieter area shows your confidence and masculinity.

Maintain eye contact and keep your eyes off her body as much as possible. Don’t be commenting on how good she looks; probably she has been told that a thousand times, just tell her she is cute and that is that. Try to be unique telling her something most guys have not told her. Instead of calling her a stripper calls her a dancer. By now, your stripper has your full attention, and you can get anything out of her. If you want to have a dance, then go ahead and ask or if you want to meet her again in some quite place later, go ahead and arrange it with her.