How much do Las Vegas strippers make?

348sHow much do Las Vegas strippers make? Well, that depends on who you ask? Strippers work in a very competitive environment. Just like any other job, strippers are unwilling to share how much they make. It is a general tendency for strippers to be reluctant on how much they earn. It is pretty hard to find consistency on how much they earn. However, their place of work and period in which they dance determines how much they earn. However, putting all that aside, stripping a very lucrative business. The main question we should be asking here is, “How lucrative is stripping?” How much money comes pouring in after for getting off those clothes and showing off your nude body?

Most strippers are independent contractors. One surprising thing you probably didn’t know is that strippers pay clubs flat rates to clubs to dance and play there. The strippers have the option of paying additional fees so that they don’t dance on the stage. Appearing on the stage is a good way for strippers to market their services but that is not where the money is. Lap dances and private rooms are where there is a lot of money for strippers. Private Sessions can be pretty expensive and in some cases, a stripper can make as high as $30,000 per session. Making $30,000 in a couple of hours can be luring to most women looking to make good cash fast, but that is not the case always. Nightclubs don’t just allow anybody to strip in their clubs unless they know you will bring in some good cash.

GettyImages-150743804-670x447If you have ever noticed, most of the strippers in nightclubs are beautiful young ladies that appear as if they were selected through some screening process. So, what does this mean? The more beautiful and appealing you are to men, the more money you are likely going to make? The days of the week also goes a long determining how much you make in a day. Fridays and weekends are some of the best days when strippers make a lot of cash. This is when the demand is high as the number of men looking for pleasure is high. Strippers can also be hired to go and dance in private parties and bachelor parties where they are paid a specific amount of money depending on how you agree. The city strippers work also matters a lot as rates differ from one city to another. The rates of strippers in Vegas and New York nightclubs might not be the same in other cities. Strippers working in such cities obviously make more money than those in other cities. This is the reason strippers are always changing cities in search of better pay.

Tips also contribute to a major income for the strippers. Strippers are tipped from $20 to $100 which is good money considering there is flat rate being paid. An average stripper in a Las Vegas nightclub can earn an average of $2000-$3000 a night. However, the amount can vary depending on how good the day is for the stripper, but generally, they make some pretty good amount of cash. When the season is low, they still make as much as $1,500.