Four tips on how to get a girl talking to you

how-toAre looking for the best approach to get the girl of your dreams talking to you? C’mon guys, it is easy to get the girl of your dreams talking you and even getting to love you. Women all around the world enjoy being loved and taken care of. Well, there is no argument you are a gentleman and can take great care of your dream woman. However, that is not the trick part is not treating her but getting her to talk to you and realize what kind of man you’re. Women are always keen on how men speak to them and can easily learn a lot about the kind of man you’re in your first meeting. Getting it right from the first date is always crucial.

It does no matter whether the girl of your dream is a hooker, a stripper, a porn star or even an escort. Women are all the same and want to feel treasured and loved. Here are a few tips on how to get the girls talking to you.

Be smart

If you have ever noticed, women love being in the company of well-dressed women no matter the kind of meeting. The first impression with any woman matters a lot. How you dress on your first date will tell the woman the kind of man you are. Look sharp and appear to be of a different class and she will be attracted to you. Go to some of the best entertainment spots and you will see most people looking sharp. No woman will want to be in the company of a man not at his best.

Be confident

Women love men who are confident about what they are doing. Go to her and introduce yourself in a gentle way asking to know her. She won’t ignore you, trust me! Go straight and tell her how you feel about her. She will most likely react surprised but just before she responds back, tell her that will be for a conversation for another day. “I just want to get to know you.” Be creative and take control of the conversation before she shuts you out. The rule is always to leave with her phone number. Right, don’t hesitate to call it right away before she disappears from your vicinity. When she receives, tell she is gorgeous and hang up! Well, that trick does work making her want to hear more from you.

Be Respectful Around her

When you meet for the first date, be respectful and treat her well to show you treasure women. This applies to all men whether talking to hookers, strippers, and escorts. Even if you are speaking to an escort, you must learn how to talk to her to be able to get the best out of her. Don’t just treat her like an escort or a stripper just because you are paying her.

Don’t rush her

Well, if you rush her into having sex or something of the sort, she will have a bad impression of you and think you just want sex from her. This might be true but acting cool and not rushing her will bring her more close to you.

Getting to talk to girls is quite easy to matter their profession. Confidence, class and style are all you need to get the woman of your dreams.