5 things you didn’t know about the adult entertainment industry

Many people are outraged by the adult entertainment industry calling it all sorts of names. However, before you start cursing and hating the adult entertainment industry, take time to know everything about it. Why does the government allow it yet it appear immoral to the principles of the society? There is a lot that involves the entertainment industry that you probably don’t know. The adult entertainment industry is by far the most profitable industry in the world in many countries beating common industries like technology, retail, and even entertainment.

adultThe adult entertainment industry involves street prostitution, strip clubs, escorts, phone sex, and pornography. There is a lot of stigma surrounding the industry but here are five things you didn’t know about the adult entertainment industry:

1) The Industry Generates about $13 Billion annually

The adult entertainment industry is huge and makes billions in annual revenues each year. Despite various industries suffering a decline in revenue in the past few years, the adult entertainment industry has held its edge and generates about $13 billion annually making it the most profitable industry. This is a huge among of money to support the economy. Adult films make a lot of money. The industry has the highest pay per view worldwide beating the most favorite areas like sports. A good example is the NFL, which raised $9 billion annually compared to the $13 billion from the sex industry.

2) Over 88% of the scenes are about Aggression

Making it in this industry is never easy. Just watch any adult movie and you will realize over 88% of the scenes are full of aggression. Sex when it comes to acting can be tiring involving pulling, smacking and pushing. Close to half of the scenes in the adult entertainment scenes are full of abuses that include name calling and the sort. Research has shown that the aggression is what appeals the viewers who end paying a lot to watch the material.

3) Close to 70% of PPV is adult oriented

pornThere are people who will never pay for sex or to watch sex scenes but believe me statistics will prove you wrong. Over 70 percent of the total PPV revenues in hotel rooms, mobile phones, and TV are about adult entertainment. This goes to show how much people can go just to be entertained.

4) One in every eight online searches is about adult content

In every eight people online, one is searching for sex-related content. This goes to show the high number of people involved in the adult entertainment industry. At any time of the day and night, there are millions of people searching for sex-related topics online.

5) The Average Age of Exposure has declined to 11 years

In the past, very few people would get access to adult items, but that has greatly changed. Nowadays, the average age of at which children start to watch adult entertainment is at 11 years old. Despite most sites saying they are 18+ years, there are no strict regulations controlling who watches and who does not watch.

Surprised how big the adult entertainment industry is? Well, there is a lot about the adult entertainment industry you don’t know.